Defying predictions, Schumacher dominated the early 1994 races.


But Schumacher and Benetton, were accused of cheating…


…not least by Senna. Who thought he heard them use illegal traction control


Consequently Senna was convinced he was racing an illegal Benetton when he crashed fatally


Frank Dernie and Willem Toet provide unique insight into various aspects of the Benetton Ford


Ferrari had their own driver aid scandal during 1994 but escaped punishment…


…as did McLaren who were found with an illicit gearbox at that tragic Imola race.


Williams weren’t squeaky clean in 1994 either. The book explains this and…


…the lesser known cheating allegations during 1994.


For example did you know Panis jumped the Hungarian GP start without any penalty?


Or Hakkinen illegally overtook Alesi on the formation lap at Silverstone?


Or Ligier fell foul of the “plank” rule?


However no-one was accused of cheating in 1994 as much as Schumacher & Benetton.


Schumacher & key ex-Benetton staff then joined Ferrari who were accused of using illegal gimzo’s in 1998. What does this tell us about 1994?


“There were electronic aids (in Schumacher’s car)”, They (Benetton) will never admit it, but I am convinced of it.”

Jos Verstappen, Benetton’s second driver


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