My Co-Author For The Upcoming Lotus Book

Want to know the secret behind why 1994 The Untold Story was such a good book?

Simple the 1994 F1 Season was the passion of the book’s author who spent night and day over a period of 4 years to make the book as good as it could be. The author had never worked so hard in his life, and it almost broke him! In that same vein Neil White,  the co-author of Team Lotus Struggling Beyond The Colin Chapman Era, enthusiasm for the Hethel based team knows no bounds. Neil’s passion for all things Lotus inspired me and simply put I wanted to help him create a fantastic print book.

Since early 2012 Neil White has been writing a book on Team Lotus and after reading his early drafts I was blown away by it’s detail & research. It would have been a crime if his work went unpublished.


Thus in order to help Neil, a debut author, get his research out there I offered to help and our upcoming joint Lotus print book is the result. More details of our book together can be found here. Indeed Neil and myself hope this may even turn into a volume of other books covering Team Lotus’ other periods as well (i.e. 1990 – 1995 etc).


Neil White is a true Lotus enthusiastic, & even received a personal invitation to Hethel in 2003 to meet their Chief Designer, Russell Carr on the back of his University final year project of a re-designed Esprit.


I first came into contact with Neil in 2013 via an F1 forum (GP Rejects), and since then we have been helping each other out with our respective books by sharing book contributors & experiences etc. Neil has a decade of employment within the design side of the automotive industry. At the LA motor show in 2002, some of Neil’s design images were passed onto Lotus’ Engineering Manager, Tony Shute. A short while later Neil received an e-mail from Tony, inviting him to the factory and design studios to meet with him and Russell Carr.

The subsequent reworking of his design then featured in the documentary ‘Esprit – An Addiction For Life’ and T3 magazine in Indonesia. This was also a major influence in Neil getting his jobs at Vintage Motor Company (which included designing a promotional vehicle for Rizla) Clarks Vehicle Conversions (lots of van interiors for Network Rail) and RS Motorhomes (culminating in the exterior styling work on the 2014 Endeavour model). Neil Also created a website about Lotus back in 1999 (The Homage Homepage) which featured in the magazine Topcar, and they described as ‘very thorough and well researched.’



Above are some examples of Neil’s design skills, which means readers can expected a beautifully illustrated upcoming Lotus book/ volume of books. and below are more details of our upcoming book together. 


Click here to support Neil and myself in creating these Lotus books (whilst getting your hands on exclusive research).