The Author’s Follow Up Book
  • E-book of Team Lotus: Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era

The E-book is an extended version of the audio book because the e book provides more analysis & detail on Lotus’ decline from 1988 on wards. These details were simply too difficult to transfer to the audio book hence the difference. To give you an idea below is the contents for the E Book:

The contents of the E-book


This review had a lot of positive things to say about the book’s research and detail and will be used to constructively improve the print book (due for release on 1/5/2020). The E-book was to test the water for the print book, and provides a low cost option for those who can’t afford the more detailed print book.



  • Audiobook of Team Lotus: Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era

The Audiobook is an abridged version of the E-Book, note the differences in chapters above and below, however it’s RRP is the same as the E-Book. This is due to higher production costs involved in it being created and the fact it was produced before the E-Book so helped in its production, as well as the print book’s production. During my 1994 book experience many people said they felt paying more than £15 for a book was expensive, hence these low cost options. It will also help us (merely F1 fans and new to creating books) decide which price point works better for future volumes of this Lotus series as well.


The contents of the Audiobook. Again this provides an alternative option for those who do not have time to read books. Neither lack detail on Team Lotus’ individual races and you see that for yourself in the below sample of the book.


A review posted on my Facebook page on 13/2/2020. See if you agree with it from the below sample.



The audio book is available via the online retailers shown below.

Websites where you can buy the Lotus audiobook from (no delivery charges apply). The Lotus audiobook should be available on Audible as well unlike the 1994 audiobook which cannot go onto Audible for complicated reasons I won’t bore you with.