The Author’s Follow Up Book

My second book entitled; Team Lotus, Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era, is now available to purchase in:


E Book format here. A free sample is contained within that link.


Print Book format. Release date 1/5/2020. Click on the link to find out more details about it.


Audio Book format here. You can listen to a free sample of the audio book below;



What Is This Book About?


The original Team Lotus, i.e. the one that competed within F1 between 1958 to 1994 carries so much affection for F1 fans. During their existence within F1, Motorsports highest category, the team started almost 500 races and won multiple world championships. However during the 1990’s serious financial problems brought an end to Team Lotus. It was a huge pity given their rich history. But how did they get to that point in the first place? This book guides readers and listeners through all of Team Lotus’ races from 1983 to the end of the 1989 F1 Season in order to seek answers. It details Team Lotus’ performances throughout each one of those races, whilst providing analysis for every season covered.


Was the loss of their founder Colin Chapman the blow that killed them?


Were Senna’s & Piquet’s demands too much?


Or were they just gradually eaten up by leaner, meaner teams during F1’s expensive turbo era?


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Both the E-Book & Audiobook versions are currently available to buy and is priced at a very reasonable £9.99 (UK) considering all of the detail it contains. Motorsport News reviewed the E-book in February 2020 which can be view halfway down this page.

In truth the Audio and E-Book versions are an appetizer to the more detailed print version of Team Lotus, Struggling Beyond The Post Colin Chapman Era which is due for release on 1/5/2020. The print book (NOT an appetizer but the main course with dessert) will be the same length and quality as 1994 The Untold Story  so readers can be assured they are getting great value for money. The print book contains about twice the level of detail and analysis into Team Lotus’ downfall during this period than either the E-book or Audio books and is therefore priced accordingly at £25.99. Below are some of the additional points explored exclusively in the print book;


The print book will contain approx 97,000 words (same length as 1994 The Untold Story print book) and be comparable with that book in every other way (i.e. quality, content and price etc). Unlike the E-Book, the print book will contain circa 200 + rare photos and will be beautifully illustrated throughout.


Personally I would recommend the print book as I think the extra detail is worth the extra money. However I understand not everybody wants to spend £25.99 on a book hence why we have alternative options available. Also please note that the Print book will not be released until 1/5/2020.


The print book will be written in collaboration with Neil White, whom you can find out more about here. You can find out more about the print book by clicking here. Around the 1/5/2020 there may also be an E-book version of that more detailed £25.99 priced book, however this is TBC closer to the time. Apologies for any confusion with this way of doing things but it gives readers various pricing options as well as helps us (novices to making & selling F1 books) understand what works for future publications. Indeed if this project proves popular, then we plan to write more Team Lotus’ books covering their downfall  between 1978-1983 & 1990- 1995 & beyond. These books might even turn into a set of volumes for the complete Team Lotus Decline story. 


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The author with Tony Jardine who worked for Team Lotus during the mid 1980’s alongside, Nigel Mansell, Elio de Angelis and Ayrton Senna. Jardne was also involved in getting Lotus the Camel sponsorship in 1987 which helped Lotus keep Senna & Active Suspension for that season.


An Interview With Autosport Magazine Over This Project (February 2020)


Above is an interview with Autosport magazine explaining the background behind this project.