Is the book available to buy?

Yes. Click here to order the book & read a free sample of it. Or you can find out more about the book’s mind-blowing content, and it’s author from these interviews;

You Tube Interview with Alex Goldschmidt


How can I be assured of its quality?

The book is published by Performance Publishing which means readers can be assured it is a high quality, professional product. It is also extremely rare that an unknown author is “traditionally published” which underlines how mind blowing the content is. Furthermore the book will be reviewed by several reputable websites/magazines in early 2019 and a free sample is available here.


Why should I order the book?

There will be a limited number of books initially being printed so I would highly recommend ordering sooner rather than later to avoid missing a first edition copy. Depending on demand, the print run may remain limited. You can order the book by clicking here.


Will there be an eBook version?

At this stage I cannot guarantee that, which is another reason I recommend ordering the physical copy immediately. However if you would only consider buying an eBook version, then please send me a message under the contacts tab just saying “ebook” and I will add your name to a list. Should there be enough demand for an eBook, then that might help make it a reality.


Will the Book be available in my country?

Yes it can be shipped worldwide.


How will the book be laid out?

Like a magazine, so the circa 290+ photos are included among the text and not in a separate photo section in between chapters. This really helps readers understand things much better. For instance the book contains a rare & detailed photo of Schumacher’s plank wear after Spa 1994, so you can easily refer to that, whilst you read the book’s in depth analysis on that subject.


Will There Be Future Books By This Author?

Have to see how this one pans out first. Whilst I do have a second book in mind, which would be a nice complementary subject to this book, and I would like to pursue the second book idea further. I also need to eat and pay the bills (you don’t write books for the money!). Added to that writing & promoting a book is a long hard slog, so the better this book does, the more likely that second book will become a reality. Click here to get exclusive 1994 blogs and updates on any future books by this author.


Senna and Schumacher were about to fight it out for the 1994 title until fate sadly intervened. The book helps readers decide whether Schumacher was beating Senna fairly in those opening rounds or not?