Hi, I’m Ibrar.


I am a massive F1 fan and 1994 holds special memories. It was the first year I followed the sport and I spent my childhood playing “Grand Prix 2” – a computer game based on that season.


There was a time when these were considered cutting edge graphics


This book arose because there are constant rumours Schumacher, Benetton and others may have cheated that year, but the reasoning behind these allegations were not always sound. Since 2015 I’ve been determined to find out the truth and have therefore researched all the books, internet sources and magazines (Autosport, F1 News and Motor Sport) covering this subject. Furthermore I’ve interviewed various key figures employed by Benetton, Ford Electronics and Williams. In addition, I’ve studied all the on track action from 1994 – because “common sense” evidence is often forgotten when discussing this subject. The book is the fruits of all that hard work and research.


I like Senna and Schumacher equally so I try to be as unbiased as possible. Instead the book is intended for readers to make their own mind up.


Unraveling this subject in the detail only a book can provide means readers can see correlations between two seemly separate events. This helps you appreciate why Benetton were not punished over some things, but treated harshly in other cases. It is understandable conspiracy theories have arisen since, because the official version of events do not make sense. This book helps readers decide how much truth is contained within them?



The book is dedicated to Roland Ratzenberger


I’ve resigned from my day job purely to write this book. That is how passionate I am about it and what is uncovered. Can’t wait to share the book’s fresh insights and exclusive content with you, it will blow your mind!


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