1994 was a watershed year for F1 in so many ways, the fatal accidents of Roland Ratzenberger and Ayrton Senna shook the sport to its core.



What followed was mayhem:


– Rushed car changes


– Teams unhappy with how the crisis was managed


– A power struggle for control of the sport


– Vague rules being exploited


– Accusations of politically motivated penalties


– An alleged cover-up after a horrific pit-lane fire


– A controversial conclusion


It also saw Michael Schumacher and Benetton first emerge as championship contenders, upsetting the establishment. Many believed their sudden rise was down to cheating, whilst others felt they were scapegoated because of politics. For the first time all the arguments are painstakingly examined in one book.


Fresh insights, exclusive interviews, and a plethora of evidence are brought together to give the clearest analysis yet into the above events. The book contains over 250 photos to help bring this story to life, many of which are rare and from those involved. 1994 was tragic, chaotic, political, technical and it involved some very colorful characters at the heart of the action. It’s a story that will amaze.


Schumacher was banned or disqualified from a quarter of 1994 races due to various rule infringements. Politics or cheating?


“This is my third season with Benetton. I don’t think it has ever been guilty of any infringement. Why didn’t we do any cheating last year? We don’t suddenly start cheating, particularly with the performance advantage and driver we’ve got”

Ross Brawn, Benetton’s Technical Director


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