How 1994 – The Untold Story Compares With Competing Titles

The 3 most similar books to 1994 – The Untold Story of a Tragic and Controversial Season are listed below along with a brief description of how they compare. If you wish to purchase any of those books please just click the image below.


1. Life in The Fast Lane (Author Steve Matchett) This book is monthly diary of a Benetton mechanic, throughout the 1994 season. Whilst the book briefly touches on the cheating accusations they are purely told from Benetton’s point of view, and therefore Matchett gives a biased account as a result i.e. no admission of guilty after the Silverstone black flag. Moreover the book was originally released in 1995, and although it has been updated most recently in 2014 it does not discuss the numerous recent developments on the subject. Nor does Matchett explain things like the political background, how the 1994 rules came about and how vague they were, or Schumacher’s driving technique etc. Things which are crucial when discussing the Benetton cheating allegations. It’s really a book about the inner workings of an F1 team rather than the politics of 1994 and the cheating allegations.


2. The Death of Ayrton Senna (Author Richard Williams) This book only touches on the Benetton cheating allegations, and because Senna was convinced Schumacher had illegal traction control when he died, this book supports that view. Unlike 1994 – The Untold Story, this book is heavily biased because there is no recognition of the opposing viewpoint and it mainly bases its arguments on unsupported speculation. Nor are the vast majority of arguments back up by named sources, and some of Richard Williams’ speculation is questionable. Like Matchett’s book this was originally released in 1995, with updates since, so again it misses out on key arguments and facts which have come to light since. All of which is discussed my recent book on the 1994 F1 season, nor does Williams’ book expand on the political, rules background, or indeed provide any insight from any Benetton personnel. This really is a book for Senna fans who form their opinions based on emotions.



 3.Michael Schumacher, The Edge of Greatness (Author James Allen)

Perhaps the most balanced book currently in existence regarding the Benetton cheating allegations, but it barely touches upon the subject. For instance, it provides minimal coverage of the Hockenheim fuel fire investigation and the cover-up afterwards. Nor does it discuss any of the other controversies like the Ferrari driver aid in Aida, McLaren gearbox case, or discuss whether the driver aid ban contributed towards the crashes etc. This book was originally released in 2007 so again it does not cover the most recent arguments/evidence surrounding the Benetton cheating allegations. Similarly it does not give the analysis my submission offers into the 1994 season, problems Schumacher’s teammates suffered, and how the Benetton was built with his driving technique in mind. It’s a book focused on Schumacher’s career, and one gets the impression his controversial times (like 1994) is intentional brushed over.


In summary all available books which touch upon this subject only offer one piece of the jigsaw puzzle.  1994 – The Untold Story collates those jigsaw pieces whilst adding many new ones, and allows the reader to decide for themselves what picture they see.


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