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Send your ideas / suggestions for upcoming blogs about the 1994 F1 season (or a related topic) that you would like to see. Who knows it might just be covered. Pleased to say one “expert” will be posting a guest blog in the coming months, and have a few interesting ideas myself. But would love to hear your suggestions as well. On a similar note I’m stoked I got a twitter reply today from Steve Matchett, who’s 1994 book “Life in the Fast Lane” was one of the main inspirations behind the upcoming book. Steve has these wise words for any budding authors out there:



1994 – The Untold Story of a Tragic and Controversial F1 Season is a new book which explains this and the various controversies, politics and cheating accusations from that year. The book is due for release in January 2019 and can be pre-ordered here. Alternatively sign up here to receive more book updates & new blogs automatically.


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