Coming soon, a new F1 book investigating the various 1994 controversies, allegations and associated politics. It gives fresh insight into:



– What Senna heard on Schumacher’s car which troubled him



– Whether Senna was competing against an illegal Benetton when he died



– Why Benetton received no serious punishments after the Hockenheim fire



– Why Schumacher’s 1994 teammates all struggled in the car



– Whether any championship manipulation occurred



– Whether a return to simpler cars in 1994 contributed to the accidents



– Various other mysteries from that fateful F1 Season



There are exclusive contributions from Mark Blundell, Benetton insiders; Willem Toet, Frank Dernie, Simon Morley (the “junior employee” blamed for the Hockenheim fire), Christian Silk & Joan Villadelprat. Antony John Dennis, a Benetton Ford Electronics expert and Williams’ insider Paul West also give their unique insight. The book contains around 250 photos, many of which are rare, and it merely presents the evidence thus allowing you to decide what happened. What is uncovered will amaze!

Concealed Launch Control was found on Schumacher’s Benetton. Legal in 1993, but outlawed for 1994, Benetton claimed it was redundant and the FIA, the sport’s governing body, was unable or unwilling to penalise them. Did Schumacher use it?
“The consequences for any team or driver found to be cheating will be mind-blowing.”
Max Mosley, FIA President
“I’m fairly confident we are kosher”
Ross Brawn, Benetton’s Technical Director